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Jimmy Johns to the rescue!

on May 25, 2013 in Laramie Lunch | 0 comments

The perfect place for lunch today is the Jimmy Johns of Laramie.

Laramie’s Jimmy Johns is also the perfect place for when you get those late night munchies as well, and you don’t feel like going out of the house. No fear! Jimmy Johns is here!

Really! The Laramie Jimmy Johns will be right here, there, everywhere because they deliver! They deliver anytime of the day or night! I would say the greatest thing about Laramie’s Jimmy Johns is they are open until two in the morning, and they deliver until then!

When all hope seems lost, and your stomach is growling, there is no food in the house, and you have a phone or a computer, you can order your favorite Jimmy Johns sandwich and it will be to you in minutes!

Just click on the link at the top to start ordering now!

Laramie’s Jimmy Johns can also save your last minute catering events! If you forgot to grab that food platter ahead of time, Jimmy Johns can have your needs met in minutes! Call it in, go online, or stop by!