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Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe

on May 21, 2013 in Drinks of Laramie, Laramie Lunch | 0 comments

My next stop on my summer tour of Laramie is Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe. Now this place fits perfectly into both of my blog series of Drinks of Laramie, and Laramie Lunch. Their numerous inventive, unique drinks definitely puts them up there in high caliber with the likes of Coal Creek Coffee. Every time I venture into Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe it is an adventure. Every time I go in, they feature a different drink creation to try, which I jump at the chance to. Once, I tried their Lochness Monster drink, which was similar to a London Fog, only different and unique, as all things at Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe are. Whereas a London Fog is a tea based drink, made with Earl Grey tea, your choice of milk, hot water, and vanilla syrup, the Lochness Monster was made with a mint tea, and white chocolate syrup.

Alas, their drink specials are not all they have to offer. I would say one of their other most memorable qualities would be their very unique sandwiches. The sandwiches and more include a variety of breads, etc. including grilled focaccia, cold cracked wheat, grilled wraps, veggie, and salads. Not only is the food unique in make and taste, but the names as well. A few of these unique sandwich names include Wobblegong, Dumbledore, Hocus Pocus, Jingleding, Mi amor, Gaston, Manchester Delighted, Danwich, Mugwump, Cowabunga, Wild Bill, Mad Hatter, Ay Caramba, Sunny Chook, etc.

Another memorable aspect of Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe, which they are very popular for with the Laramie locals is their outside patio, which they open up and decorate at the first sign of warm weather. This summer season, their patio is open once again, and it is the perfect place to grab your favorite drink and sandwich, sit down and enjoy the beautiful summer weather here in Laramie. Don’t just picture yourself sitting there under the canopy, mug in hand next to a glass table among the flowers, go there, and make it real! Go with a friend, for a work meeting, or just grab a good book and head over!

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