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Poppy’s with love

on Jul 8, 2015 in Downtown Laramie, Explore Laramie, Shopping, Wedding Resources | 0 comments

Special Gifts at Poppy's:

Wedding season is in and so are the girls at Poppy’s Flowers.

Poppy’s staff is here to bring you flowers for any special occasion you have coming up.  From weddings to weekly scheduled flower deliveries, Poppy’s will come up with your beautiful floral arrangements.

Rachel Potter, owner of Poppy’s, started up the flower business six years ago in hopes of pursuing happcropped-poppys-logo (1)iness in Laramie. Her love for flowers was inevitable since her first florist job; and though she had received a Business degree from UW, she was not quite ready to leave flowers or the college town behind. After working in Corporate America for several years, Rachel kicked off her flower business out of her garage to fulfill her creative needs. Her business soon grew into a prosperous flower shop/boutique in downtown Laramie.  Now, Rachel has been a florist close to 20 years and in all that experience no two days have been the same.

“I like the surprise every week that comes from opening each box of flowers,” she tells us.

The excitement of various tasks keep Rachel and her ambitious employees busy throughout the year, especially during wedding and event season. They love being a part of your special days and unique celebrations.

Every moment you share with Poppy’s staff is distinct and to celebrate those moments you can definitely wow that special someone when you decide to show them a little love with a flower delivery at work, or something as crazy as filling an entire house with flowers (one of Poppy’s most memorable customers did just that!).

Besides floral arrangements, the boutique has clothing, accessories, lotions and candles in stock for gifts to your loved ones. Popular staples at Poppy’s shoppe include lines of Tokyo Milk and Lollia lotions that smell delicious!

Stroll Laramie’s Downtown to check out the shop and you will be certain to find a lovely gift for a lovely person. Check in at 119 E. Grand Ave. with Poppy’s staff for help in preparing the surprise for your special person. If you luck out, one of their popular sidewalk sales might just pull you in for great deals.

For more information or to see samples of their work, follow them on social media or on their website