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November Business of the Month: Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services, LLC

on Nov 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance would like to present the November Business of the Month honor to Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services, LLC.

Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services was started over 30 years ago, by Tom Gaddis, who at the time worked as a Fireman. Dan Boddicker, current owner, bought the company a little over 5 years ago. The company has one full-time employee, Chuck Kurkowski, who is, along with Dan Boddicker, are multi-Certified. For more information on all of the Certifications that Dan and Chuck have, visit here.

Since Boddicker took over the business, he expanded it from just fire extinguishers, to also include hood services. Currently, the company provides services to over a thousand companies, including those located in Walden, Rawlins, Guernsey, and Sydney, Nebraska. They work with clients such as F.E. Warren Air Force Base, the Albany County School District, and local Hospitals.

Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services, sells, installs, inspects, and services fire extinguishers and fire suppressant systems. The different types of extinguishers include, all dry chemical (ABC, BC, BC-PK, and D), clean agent (Halon 1211, Halotron 1), and all water and wet chemical (AFFF, FFFP and Class K). Laramie Fire Extinguishers is also an authorized dealer of AMEREX, and is certified to sell and install kitchen hood and industrial suppression systems and service all brands. They also sell and install paint booth systems for businesses, such as WyoTech.

Laramie Fire Extinguishers’ main focus is to make sure that their clients have a fire safe work place, by providing their services.  They strive to provide quality fire extinguisher upkeep service, making sure they are charged, loaded and ready for use.

“Our Goal is to make Laramie and all of our customers safer and in a safer work environment,” owner Boddicker, said.

Dan Boddicker is active in the community by recently being inducted into Laramie Sunrise Rotary, is the Chairman of the LCBA Governmental Relations Committee, and also sits on the Albany County Historical Preservation Board.

Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services has donated their time by providing extinguisher training and provide the equipment for local fire departments.  They also allow for the Local Home Daycare Association to bring in their extinguishers for a free inspection every year.

For more information, such as more about Laramie Fire Extinguisher Services or more about their services, be sure to visit their website