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The Smooth Finish: Bright Agrotech Project update

on Oct 20, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Bright Agrotech Project is at finishing stages with drywall work nearly completed, exterior stucco and paint going on and masons set to start exterior work next week.

“It’s going good,” said Project Manager Jon Saputo of Haselden Construction. “It was a rocky start, but we’re getting the time back. I’m going to be sure we get the time back.”

Soil and water issues occurred right off the bat, but after those were solved the project has been going smoothly, said Project Supervisor Kevin Hoff of Haselden Construction.

Saputo has held true to working towards the original finish date.

“January 8th is when the project is set to be completed,” said Saputo, “My goal is to get the owner moved in first week of December.”

Painters moved in this week to begin interior finishing and every room and office is defined with almost all sheetrock up. Trees have been planted and sod will be laid Friday, the 20th. All concrete will be done soon with paving going in the parking lot the same day as the sod.

The project is so close to its finish date that the contractors are ready to schedule an inspection and expect to have one next month.

Project architect Carissa Marak of CSG Architecture, P.C. admitted to road bumps in the beginning, but is confident in the quality of the project.

“It’s going to be a good project when it’s finished,” said Marak. “It was a tight budget with a lot of requirements, but we got everything in and overall it’ll be a good end project.”

The architect and contracting team agreed that working with the owner, Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and City of Laramie, has been a good process.

The south side of the building with finished stucco and paint.

“Josh has been very helpful when it comes to getting all the infrastructure together,” said Saputo. “Sam Farstad at the city has been a great help, too.”

LCBA VP of Economic Development Josh Boudreau said the feeling was mutual and the project is coming together very well.



A row of offices with finished drywall waiting for paint and finishing elements.