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A new addition to Cirrus Sky Technology Park: 22nd Street Bridge

on Nov 27, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The gateway to Cirrus Sky Technology Park has changed with the crowning of a new pedestrian bridge.

The bridge completes 1.75 miles of trails at Cirrus Sky connecting two sections of the path. The path has an 11-foot wide concrete trail with a 2-foot wide soft surface trail adjacent.

The bridge was always in the plans for the trail and proven a necessity after assessing the layout of the path and 22nd Street.

“From a transportation and mobility standpoint, the trail following the ridge and heading north to the cul-de-sac on 22nd Street, crossing at the safest point in the cul-de-sac would require users to travel almost a quarter-mile to complete an approximately 300-foot crossing,” said Todd Feezer. “More than likely pedestrians would have traversed the hillside and attempted to cross the street in an unsafe location.”

Feezer, City of Laramie Parks & Recreation Department Director, said 22nd Street was closed during initial installation. However, it is reopened while finishing touches are put on the bridge. The project designed by Western R&D and constructed by Simon Contractors will be completed on time by December 31.

Feezer anticipates the bridge to come in under budget, as well.

“I believe this is because of the diligent efforts of the City Engineering Office, [specifically] William Winkler and Eric Jaap,” said Feezer. “They have worked with the design team and contractor to avoid typical construction oversights and pitfalls, as well as managed a very difficult bridge installation.”

Multiple sources helped fund the project, including Federal Highway Administration Transportation Alternatives Program Funds, City of Laramie General Funds and funds from lot sales in the Cirrus Sky Technology Park. The city of Laramie Engineering Department has been responsible for the oversight and construction management of the project and will maintain the bridge going forward in the foreseen future.

The trail is already in use by several pedestrians and bikers. Hopes for the bridge is to only add value to Cirrus Sky.

“This trail is going to be a great addition to the City of Laramie’s recreational opportunities,” said Feezer. “This trail will also increase the viability of the lots at the Cirrus Sky Technology Park by providing a fantastic recreational asset for those businesses and their employees.”


Initial bridge installation takes place on November 3 over 22nd Street with the help of Western R&D, Somon Contractors and City of Laramie Engineering Office.

The view pedestrians can look forward to when crossing the bridge in Cirrus Sky technology Park. Photo courtesy of Todd Feezer, City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department Director.

The view when facing south on the new bridge in Cirrus Sky technology Park. The bridge is set to be open to pedestrians by December 31. Photo courtesy of Todd Feezer, City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department Director.