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November Business of the Month: Pence and MacMillan

on Nov 15, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

With 75 years of serving clients and the Laramie community, Pence and MacMillan has built a reputation worthy of Laramie and the entire state.

What Pence and MacMillan attorneys and staff do in the office and the court room can be broken down into a long list. General business representation, estate planning, domestic services, criminal defense, civil litigation, are only a few compared to the full list of legal services offered

The firm has served several local clients and won several cases, but what attorneys and staff do outside the courtroom is substantial, and helps the firm maintain recognition in all facets of the Laramie community.

Successes in court are often celebrated behind closed doors. However, the public celebration and success for Pence and MacMillan is the community involvement of each attorney and staff member.

“It’s our passions outside of practicing law, I think, is what makes Pence and MacMillan really special,” said Managing Partner and Attorney Jodi Shea.

When the list is broken down, the firm touches each corner of the community, from involvement with Laramie Main Street to Cathedral Home for Children to Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation to the Wyoming Business Council to the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and a host of others. Each attorney’s online biography lists their individual involvement in community organizations.

“Successes, I think, are all of us as partners, together as a firm and as a firm in the community” said Megan Goetz, Partner and Attorney. “It’s really awesome when you get to be part of a project, and see that work-live balance come together.”

A success for the firm is when it’s attorneys and staff practice legal work that impacts the community and makes it a better place to live and work, explained Goetz.

And it’s an expectation Pence and MacMillan has held for years.

“When you come into Pence and MacMillan as a new attorney in our office you have an expectation to participate in the community and to give back,” said Goetz. “That is the firm philosophy that is decades and decades grounded.”

The expectation applies to all Pence and MacMillan staff, as well. Paralegals have participated in Leadership Laramie and other staff have donated their time to community projects.

It’s an expectation that applies to all of the attorneys and staff not just in Laramie, but across the state in other offices in Cheyenne, Sheridan and Lander. 

With almost 75 years in Laramie, the firm plans on sticking around. Laramie will always be Pence and MacMillan’s primary market, explained Goetz. The firm will continue to always serve the Laramie and Albany county community.

“Many of us have 20 more years of career here and we have kids, and want our kids to be able to find a job in Laramie,” said Goetz.

With attorneys passionate about the community and a strong belief in economic development and job creation, the firm retains its Laramie Chamber Business Alliance membership. The idea of bringing businesses to Laramie, creating business alignment, coming together as a business community and building relationships are all elements Pence and MacMillan agrees with, said Goetz.

“I think those relationships in any organization are just essential to what we do and it truly is, it’s not just fluff,” said Shea. “We really care about our community and what the economic longevity of our community is, it affects Laramie, it affects our lives personally, it affects our business… We would be remiss if we thought our participation didn’t matter,”

The participation of Pence and MacMillan in the community and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance is seen throughout town, and the LCBA is thankful for the firm’s dedication to the community and economic development.



Laramie Chamber Business Alliance VP of Membership Josie Molloy awards November Business of the Month to Pence and MacMillan. The firm's philosophy pertains to community involvement and lives up to that philosophy as each staff member and attorney dedicates time to a community organization.