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City of Laramie Announces New Website

on Jan 12, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The City of Laramie will launch its new website Monday, January 15.

                After working since June 2017 to implement the new site, it is 100 percent responsive design making the entire site friendly for all devices.

                “The old website didn’t show images to mobile visitors,” said City of Laramie IT Manager Jonathon Rhoades, “so a lot of content was lost.”

                While Rhoades expressed excitement for the smart design of the site, he said his favorite part of the website is the back-end. It is more accessible to be edited by city staff, resulting in better content that is up to date.

                The domain will remain the same,, however the look and feel is noticeably updated, with a navigation menu at the top of the page and images used from in and around Laramie.

                “We’ve been making a stockpile of photos from in and around Laramie,” said Rhoades. “Everything is taken in and around Laramie.”

                Statistics of the most visited webpages were taken from the City’s old website and put into consideration when creating buttons on the homepage. A host of icons outline the most popular pages, making access quick and easy to items like Parks and Recreation or Licenses and Permits.

                The website will be receiving any final touches this Friday before it’s launch at nine o’clock on Monday morning.

The City of Laramie launches its newly designed website Monday, January 15. The website will be accessible on all platforms because of the responsive design used.