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2017 Large Business of the Year Awarded to Premier Bone & Joint Centers

on Mar 7, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Our fifth feature of the 2017 Business Awards focuses on the Large Business of the Year. Premier Bone and Joint Centers took home the award during our previous Annual Banquet when membership voted the orthopedic practice into the winning position.

A business of the year must meet specific prerequisites to qualify for the award. Being in business in Albany County for at least one year along with financial stability and outstanding operations. While those might be obvious, the business also must contribute to and promote the economic growth of the city and county. Additionally, senior management and employees should play a role in civic activities and they should give generously in time and resources. All along, a nominee should demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurship.

Premier Bone & Joint Centers checks all the nomination requirements while perhaps surpassing them. The company has been the leading orthopedic practice in Wyoming for over 40 years. They have continued to expand across the state into other major cities in Wyoming. The company does give back generously in time and resources by getting involved with Laramie Chamber Business Alliance events, University of Wyoming Athletics, Cowboy Joe Club, Laramie High School athletics, United Way Albany County and Laramie Jubilee Days. And that’s just a few. In addition, donations are made to various service clubs and organization along with involvement from Premier Bone & Joint staff. With all these contributions to the community, its apparent the company is actively involved in increasing economic growth and helping small businesses.

LCBA membership chose Premier Bone & Joint Centers to win the award among the nominees that accompanied the orthopedic practice.

“When we heard our name announced as winner, we were very humbled, because of all the other great companies that were up for the award,” said Wolfe. “We are honored and grateful to be thought of in the same context as those other companies that were nominated, and a true feeling of pride to have received the most votes to win the Large Business of the Year award.”

Wolfe expressed gratitude for the award and acknowledged that Premier Bone & Joint Centers would remain a leader in the community.

“Thank you to the community for voting for us,” said Wolfe, “as we will continue to strive for greatness in 2018 and beyond, and be Worthy of Wyoming.”

Premier Bone & Joint Center CEO Tom Wolfe accepts the 2017 Large Business of the Year Award on behalf of the company.

Photo by Shannon Broderick, Laramie Boomerang