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Land Swap helps LCBA, Wyoming Game & Fish Department

on Mar 26, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In 2016 the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance traded approximately six acres for an existing Wyoming Game and Fish Department facility and land.

Now, the new Wyoming Game and Fish Department building is near completion with move in set for late April. The land swap came to fruition when it showed to be a good fit for both parties involved.

“We wanted to help facilitate the growth and development of the new Game and Fish facility,” said LCBA Vice President of Economic Development Josh Boudreau.

With the locations just blocks away from each either, it will make for an easy transition for employees and the public, said Services Division Branch Chief Scot Kofron.

Boudreau agreed a benefit of the swap is the possibility for uninterrupted work as the new building is constructed.

“Our current location does not provide room for large campers or trailers, and the new location will have adequate parking space,” said Kofron.

The land swap not only provided an opportunity of expansion of outdoor space, but the building is substantially larger for a variety of reasons and to offer additional services.

“The size of the building is needed to best serve the public because the new building is providing for more than what was done at the old location,” said Kofron. “This will be home to a Regional Office, shop and a Wildlife Forensic, Fish Health and Tooth Aging Laboratory.”

Overall, the building enables the Laramie Regional Office to provide improved service to the public and to wildlife.  A larger meeting room will be available for use by the public and used for hunter safety education and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meetings. Other improvements will also aid in the office’s services.

“The shop space will give our employees more flexibility in maintaining and storing all the various equipment and tools needed to do their jobs efficiently,” said Kofron.  “It is exciting to have adequate space for our Laboratory. This will allow for increased capacity in all areas and lab will be able to continue working to keep Wyoming’s fish and wildlife resource healthy.”

The laboratory will be in the same building as the regional office as it is moving from the University of Wyoming Campus. Boudreau said a benefit of the land swap is the Laramie operations will be under one roof now.

“Originally the lab was going to be in the Laramie Technology (Well Dog) Building,” said Kofron, “but we were pleased to see that company return and were glad to sell them the building. The original purchase of the Laramie Technology Building was made possible by an appropriation from the Wyoming Legislature.  The revenue from that sale helped pay for this project.”

The laboratory consists of three different areas including wildlife forensics, fish health and tooth aging. Within these labs, work is not only done for Wyoming, but 10 additional states as well.

“The other states pay for the services and this generates revenue to offset the costs of equipment and reagents which are used to serve people and wildlife in this state,” said Kofron.

Substantial completion for the construction is set for the beginning of April and move in is scheduled for the end of April. A Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meeting is scheduled in July at the facility and a tentative plan is set to have a public tour at the same time.

The new Wyoming Game and Fish Department sits on the corner of Adam Street and Venture Drive in west Laramie.