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May Business of the Month: CPA Group of Laramie, LLC – Customer and Community Service

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CPA Group of Laramie stems from footing made in the 80s by founder Pam Dunnuck and after reorganization in 2011, the public accounting firm has developed into the reputable firm it is today. The office operates with 15 employees serving clientele in the city, state and country along with giving back to the community it is based in.

CPA Group of Laramie Managing Partner Jason Roesler said he did not anticipate the level the firm is at today with client capacity of an estimated 1,300 to 1,400 individuals and 400 to 500 businesses.

Although Roesler said the 2018 tax season was typical compared to past seasons, in the sense that it is significant and extremely busy for the firm, CPA Group of Laramie keeps busy year-round with various public accounting services.

Managing Partner Jason Roesler plants flowers in pots at the Laramie Care Center for a recent community project.

“We are predominately tax, advisory and client accounting services,” said Roesler, “And we stay pretty busy with all of that work. A lot of the time people will ask me, ‘well what you do after tax season?’ I say we still do a lot of tax work and consulting. Our expertise is definitely in that area.”

Maintaining these accounts all year long stems from the trust the staff develops with clients and businesses. Roesler said most clients hold the concept that the firm serves as a trusted advisor.

“It’s not just during tax season,” said Roesler. “They’re typically calling on you to help them run their businesses, to help them in their personal financial matters, and it’s pretty much constant.”

The staff that builds and maintains this trust have been with the firm for years and include long time employees Terrie Anderson and Suzanne Michel as well as partners Pam Dunnuck, Kathy Hamilton, Jennifer Brook and Roesler himself. There are several additional employees that help make up the valued team.

This team can be seen in the community serving in civic organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Wyoming Society of CPAs, Hospice and several other organizations. One community effort CPA Group of Laramie has taken on is raising funds for Slade Elementary and its backpack program.

“We’ve supported Slade over the past—I want to say—five years,” said Roesler. “We do internal fundraisers throughout the year. Typically, we will give them a monetary amount every year to help them with whatever they have going on.”

Roesler highlighted Slade’s backpack program the firm was happy to donate to.

“They feed kids on the weekend,” said Roesler, “they send a kid home with a back pack full of nutritious food.”

Staff Accountant Sara Davis plants flowers in pots at the Laramie Care Center for a recent community project.

Roesler added humbly that the firm does not get a lot of publicity out of the donation and the firm does not do it for the publicity.

Beyond the groups and projects listed above, the staff at CPA Group of Laramie is also very active in the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance. Staff currently serves and has served on various LCBA committees.

The firm highly encourages staff and partners to volunteer and serve the community in some capacity.

“We really try to push doing good work in all aspects of your life,” explained Roesler, “whether it’s your professional life or volunteering, and we try to emphasize that with our staff. I think we hit a homerun with it really, they usually run with it and do well.”

This culture and value at CPA Group of Laramie has translated into serving the firm’s customers. Roesler said the experience clients receive is unlike anything someone might experience at a larger firm.

“We really pride ourselves on being available and solution providers, not just tax accountants,” said Roesler. “And when clients work with us, I think they feel the difference.”

He explained customers do not experience the feeling of just being a number and getting handed off.

Staff competed and won first place in the 2017 Jubilee Days Chili Cook-Off.

“They get a lot of personal attention when they work with us,” said Roesler. “I would just say that we’re really family client focus. We’re really in our client’s business and we get our hands dirty. Our partners work just as hard as our staff members on everything.”

Roesler mentioned the words that are found on his business card, “knowledge, truth, and commitment.” He said the firm and staff are encouraged to and do represent the CPA designation well.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance agrees this representation is true and is happy to present them as the May Business of the Month.

If you would like to learn more about CPA Group of Laramie, you can visit

CPA Group of Laramie was awarded May Business of the Month from the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance. Pictured is the staff of the firm with VP of Membership Josie Molloy awarding CPA Group of Laramie Managing Partner Jason Roesler May Business of the Month.

Every year Staff dress up for Halloween and visit their business clients delivering treats of cookies.