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Statistic Sheets show Economic Development numbers and more

on Jul 31, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Recently, we decided to strip things down to the numbers through a series of statistics sheets. Two of the three statistics sheets have been released by the LCBA recently.
One focuses on the economic development activity LCBA has taken on in the last 4 years. During assessment of our accomplishments it was concluded that the LCBA has helped retain create and forecast 156 jobs in Albany County. Several other statistics were brought to light in this effort. Please view the statistics sheet here.
The second statistic sheet in the series shows what Laramie shoppers can do for their economy. With the help of the Wyoming SBDC, we were able to uncover the amount of registered small businesses in Albany County the total tallied at 1,240, while 287 of those classified themselves as retail. The sheet goes on to show stats of what stays in the economy when dollars are spent at small local stores versus chain stores, out of town and online. Did you know that only $1 of any online purchase has the potential to stay in the local economy compared to about 50 percent of any local purchase? To see more of the statistics, please view the Shop Local sheet here.
The third statistics sheet to roll out next month will show numbers outlining LCBA membership illustrating a inclusive picture of what our membership looks like. This post will be updated.