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August Business of the Month: Grand Avenue Dental Center – a journey of upgrades and community involvement

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Grand Avenue Dental Center with Dr. Jennifer Doser and Dr. Tanner Moir is one of Laramie’s premier dental offices with a completely upgraded building, state of the art technology and a strong sense of community. Office Manager, Tom Doser, explained the journey taken to get to this point along with how they get involved in the community.

While the business was founded in the 1960s by now retired Dr. Thomas McGarvey, the practice was able to continue when Dr. Doser moved back to Laramie after receiving her Doctor of Dental Medicine from Oregon Health & Science University in 2010. It seemed to be a natural choice, as Dr. Doser worked as a hygienist at this office while she completed her prerequisites for dental school.

Initially, the Dosers started out by leasing the building and purchased the existing dental equipment. Soon that lease turned into ownership when they purchased the building in 2011, spurring a 6-year-long renovation.

“We had some issues with the roof,” explained Tom Doser. “We wanted to put a new roof on and decided we wanted to change the shape of things to make it more of a modern, but residential, feel. So what started with the roof, then became new siding, new landscaping, and the addition of some square footage. Eventually it ended up being a major project, compared to just a roof.”

Doser said because of zoning, the business had to get a conditional use permit from the city each time changes were made, therefore they decided to do the outside portion in one go. It was completed in two years.

“Then on the inside, over three or four years we just modernized one operatory at a time,” said Doser.

The addition of a second dentist, Dr. Moir in 2017, prompted the practice to extend the buildout throughout the main floor of the building to use the full 2,700 square feet. The renovation was completed in full by January 2018 using exclusively Laramie contractors and subcontractors.

While the office space expanded, Grand Avenue Dental Center has also built its clientele to fill the space. The practice has done so through a specific vision.

“We work together as a team to provide the highest level of care, using the latest scientifically sound techniques and technology. We create an atmosphere of compassion and empathy to ease dental anxiety and help our patients have an enjoyable and exceptional dental experience. We work to educate our patients about dental health, dental disease and preventive strategies so they will be empowered to maintain optimal oral and overall health for a lifetime.”

The office holds a steady employment of 11 to 12 employees with two doctors and three full time hygienists.

The practice also gives back to the community through donations and volunteering. While the list is extensive, Doser spoke about Grand Avenue Dental Center’s involvement with the Downtown Clinic. The practice can take on dental concerns from the clinic and address them in a timely fashion after the clinic screens them.

As an individual, Tom Doser is a board member and coach for girls’ fastpitch softball and he has previously chaired the Annual Big Laramie Duck Race event put on by the Laramie Rotary Club. 

While the Dosers contribute to the community of Laramie, the sense of community ranks as one of the reasons they do business in Laramie. The small-town feel attracted the Dosers back to Laramie along with the culture from the University and the accessibility of outdoor recreation.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance recognizes Grand Avenue Dental Center as a key business in Laramie and is thankful the Dosers returned to do business in the city. The LCBA would also like to recognize Grand Avenue Dental Center as August Business of the Month.

To find out more about Grand Avenue Dental Center, visit or find them on Facebook.

Dr. Jennifer Doser (center) accepts Laramie Chamber Business Alliance’s August Business of the Month Award. Office Manager Tom Doser (back row, far-right) sat down with LCBA Staff to discuss the journey of building upgrades, top quality dental service and community involvement.

The updated Grand Avenue Dental Center Building sits at 303 S 8th St.