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September Business of the Month: Martindale’s Western Store – Customer Service & Laramie Love

on Sep 19, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In the heart of downtown Laramie, you can find Martindale’s Western Store, a business that puts taking care of customers first and a business that loves the local Laramie community.

Last week, on Thursday, Martindale’s celebrated its 23rd anniversary. In 1995, co-owners Steve and Joan Martindale opened their western boutique in September on Friday the 13th. Originally in the storefront of what is currently Sweet’s Cakes & Pastry, Martindale’s kept backstock in offices above the retail space, Joan Martindale remembered.

“Steve used to say, ‘You have to step outside to change your mind,’” said Joan. “It was that small.”

Today the store sits at 217 Grand Ave with goods varying from boots to jeans to kids’ clothes to western décor. The store custom orders several items as well, even Twisted X steel toe shoes and any type of Wrangler jean.

“We wanted to open a western store that would cater to everybody, so we specialize in American made products, we specialize in tall things for men, long jeans for ladies if they need them,” said Joan. “We are a western boutique, a store that caters to their customer’s desires.”

Custom orders and the wide variety are just a part of what the store does to satisfy its customers. Joan and the team at Martindale’s believe in a motto that keeps their customers happy.

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will,” said Joan.

To take care of their customers they stay open seven days a week.

“Sunday is a really valuable day downtown,” said Joan. “And a lot of people don’t realize that in the retail world. Some weeks, Sunday will be my busiest day.”

Joan, said that might not work for everyone, but it works for them as each day is so different at Martindale’s Western Store. She can count on a few things happening like freight arriving or a Wrangler shipment coming in.

“You just never know what’s going to happen,” said Joan. Sometimes the morning is busy with a quiet afternoon or sometimes the store has a day full of international tourists or a day with local Laramie ranchers.

She said her customers do come from all over, she credits Martindale’s billboards on I-80 to bringing in business. Also, the store has regulars from Rawlins, Saratoga and even day travelers from Denver stop into the store.

All these customers are served by Joan Martindale herself or her 4 part time employees.

While Joan and her staff spend their time in the store, they are often giving back to the Laramie community with donations. The list is long, but Joan pointed out that Martindale’s serves as “Ticket Central” for Jubilee Days, providing a spot to buy rodeo and carnival tickets. Beyond that, the store sponsors 4-H and FFA activities, donates to several silent auctions and participates in fundraisers including the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance’s Ag Appreciation Banquet each year.

“We really try to put back into Laramie, because Laramie has really supported us well for 23 years,” said Joan.

The reason the Martindale’s opened their business in Laramie was simple Joan said, “We love Laramie.”

The business has prospered because of the friendliness of Laramie citizens and Martindale’s staff alike. Joan credits the little things in Laramie that make it a great place to do business and thanks her staff’s upstanding customer service to Martindale’s success.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance would like to recognize Martindale’s Western Store as September’s Business of the Month. To learn more about the business visit them at 217 Grand Ave or follow them on Facebook.

Martindale's Staff poses for a photo in front of the Western Store's boot selection. The business prides itself on customer service and is located in downtown Laramie.