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November Member of the Month: Albany County Public Library – A limitless community resource

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Albany County Public Library boasts a limitless resource to the community. From the community-based programming to encouraging lifelong learning, the facility and staff provide an opportunity for Albany County residents to learn, be entertained and stay connected.  

When speaking with ACPL Executive Director Ruth Troyanek, she said the library’s calendar is always full of events, the meeting room is occupied often, and the library often serves as a third space for patrons.

“There’s usually a steady stream of people continuously coming through the door,” said Troyanek.

This stream comes with the events from kids Lego club, Book Babies, book clubs, story times, math club and many more. Additionally, seen at the library is public using 24/7 free WiFi, computers for internet access and visitors checking out books. Playing the role of one of the largest resources in the county, ACPL had approximately 103,500 visitations according to its fiscal year 2018 report.

Twenty-three employees help keep visitors happy and the library running. There are several positions the employees fill from circulation, acquiring books, programming to general librarian work. The staff has also worked to acquire ACPL’s online resources as well.

In addition to having access to nearly endless material in the library, library cards grant access to a vast variety of information online, including audiobooks, eBooks and data bases.

“This is a great part of living a in a small state,” said Troyanek. “We can be a consortium and combine our resources.”

Overdrive is Wyoming’s virtual library ACPL has worked to create in efforts with other Wyoming Libraries, a resource resulting from the consortium.

Access to online resources was propelled when Troyanek came to the helm to the library and made a priority to find efficiency to make best use of the non-profit’s budget.

“We’re working hard to stay fiscally responsible,” said Troyanek. “We try to save money where we can and work to get more from our money and maximize every dollar.”

Switches with HR software and other internal functions have helped the library while they continue to seek ways to stretch funds from grants and public entities.

Another source of funds is raised by the Friends of the Library. The library expects to receive about $40,000 from the 501(c)3 in the next year as they raise funds from their quarterly book sales. This group works hard all year round to prep for their book sales that are fueled by donations from the community. Donations that don’t make it into circulation in the library go to the basement of the building where they are organized by category and prepped for a quarterly sale. With the funds received from the book sales, new books and other materials are bought to be put into circulation.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance would like to recognize the Albany County Public Library as the November Member of the Month. We encourage the Laramie community to learn more about the library by visiting the establishment at 310 S 8th St or visiting them online at

Staff at the Albany County Public Library pose for a picture with the Member of the Month plaque in front of the circulation desk. The library hosts numerous events each week including kids clubs, books clubs and film series.

Many improvements take place at the library often, chairs and chess tables are furniture new to the facitliy.