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Links to the Boeing Contract coming to Cheyenne F E Warren Airbase

on Apr 17, 2019 in Community | 0 comments

On Thursday, April 11, The Boeing Company met with over 70 local business representatives. Two events were hosted to provide information on the history of the ICBM program, Boeing involvement with ICBM’s, Learning how to be a supplier for Boeing and expected needs from the community to the prime contractor.


Don Adams, Systems Engineer and Transitional Team Leader for Boeing, stated that the needs for the Cheyenne area for their prime construction contractor were estimated to be:

  • 2000 skilled craftsman
  • 150 Supervisors and technical professionals
  • Food
  • Living accommodations
  • 500 laborers
  • 350 electricians
  • 300 carpenters
  • 300 iron workers
  • 150 pipe-fitters
  • 200 operators
  • 100 insulators
  • 100 teamsters
  • 50 painters
  • 50 sheet metal workers
  • 30 safety professionals
  • 40 construction engineers
  • 50 security professionals

During the second event, Megan Quinn, Small Business Liaison Officer, Boeing Company, asked that local businesses contact her to discuss what services they can provide.


Megan K. Quinn

Small Business Liaison Officer

Global Supplier Diversity

Defense, Space & Security


Businesses are encouraged to sign up as vendor for Boeing. Steps to assist this process are listed at our website


For questions, contact:

Josh Watson Account and Project Manager,

Manufacturing Works, Wyoming, MEP

406 South 21st Street

Laramie, WY 82070

Work: 307-766-4811