Seasonal Business: A Summary of the 2018-2019 Ski Season

Seasonal Business: A Summary of the 2018-2019 Ski Season

Seasonal companies do a majority of their business during a specific time of year. Running a seasonal business can involve risk; however, they can be rewarding to some entrepreneurs. Ellie Southerland, the Director of Marketing Operations at the Snowy Range Ski Area provides a summary of the 2018-2019 ski season

What is your summary of the 2018-2019 ski season for the Snowy Range Ski Area?

This season was so great, we had consistent snow all season long and plenty of fresh powder in the spring. Everyone seemed to have a blast at our Luau closing weekend celebration. We had our first Snowy Range pond skim, everyone had so much fun.

We are a family-friendly, beginner ski area we have guests come from all over the place. So many of our guests take advantage of our affordable Mountain Sports School, both kids, and adults. We offer full day lessons where kids can learn to ski or ride all day while parents can enjoy the mountain to themselves while taking a lunch break in our bar and grill.

Summary of the 2018-2019 Ski Season

Where do clients come from?

With us being such an easy drive we have many locals that enjoy fun day trips, while we have also noticed an increase in Colorado guests because of our prices and lack of traffic up to snowy making an easy drive across the border. Yes, we do have a lot of guests come from Nebraska even as far as Lincoln and Omaha but we have guests come from all over the place and even overseas. We are beginning to see an increase of guests coming from Kansas and Missouri especially Kansas City.

How many employees/staff are involved in a typical weekend?

We run a small operation at Snowy, we have had some amazing employees over the years helping us to stay open 7 days a week. One of the nice things about how small we are is our employees have the opportunity to work in multiple departments throughout a season or a day. We have several employees being shared between departments rotating the days they work in each as well as some working in multiple departments during peak times each day. On our busiest days, we can have as many as 110 people working.

How important is the Ski Patrol and how does someone get involved?

Our Ski patrol is a vital part of our day to day operations. Skiing/Boarding is a dangerous activity, but having ski patrol ready on stand by has made an impact on so many people. We have had people send us compliments of how they enjoyed their time at Snowy Range despite a member of their group getting hurt, and just how grateful they were of our nice and knowledgeable patrol. For more information on getting involved please email

Upcoming events?

We are still working on planning some great events coming up before we open. All of the details can be found on our facebook page @snowyrangeski or our website Our 2019-2020 Season passes are going on sale soon! If you buy our season pass before September 8th we are offering the option to add 5 Days to Steamboat for $169!

Ellie Southerland

Snowy Range Ski Area, Director of Marketing Operations

(307) 745-5750 ext 505