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Cirrus Sky Technology Park

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Laramie is “open for business” in every sense of the phrase. Whether it’s starting up, expanding or relocating, the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance has the resources and connections to help your business succeed.

One of these resources is Wyoming’s first technology-zoned business park. In 2012, the LCBA partnered with the City of Laramie and received a grant from the Wyoming Business Council to develop a large plot of land on top of Laramie’s highest ridgeline.

This plot was zoned with the growth of the tech-sector in Laramie as the highest priority. The shovel ready site has the possibility for a campus environment for an expanding company or just one building among like-minded companies for the established business.

Right now, the Cirrus Sky Technology Park has one tenant, multi-national company Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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