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Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join

Why Invest? As an investor you join others interested in the long-term success of our community; working to ensure that Laramie thrives and your organization continually finds new opportunities for growth. Your investment will help support six vital programs that we will work aggressively on and strive to provide a valuable return on investment for its members.

Business Recruitment and Attraction

The Alliance will actively and aggressively market the assets of Laramie, and Albany County to company decision-makers. Breaking from the past operational models, the Alliance will focus its energies based on referrals rather than leads generated by other organizations.

Four target sectors have been identified for the area, which include:

  • Technology
  • Research and Development
  • Outdoor Sporting
  • Manufacturing

Business Retention and Expansion

A community that is truly prosperous is one that fosters an environment in which existing businesses want to stay and expand. This is a core value of the Alliance, who will work aggressively to accomplish three goals:

  • Retain
  • Expand
  • Promote

To aid in the efforts of retention and expansion the Alliance maintains an active revolving loan fund and works with multiple local lending institutions.

Business Advocacy

Representing business at the state and local level is a vital function of the Alliance. As such there are three committees in place to represent the voice of business.

  • Unified Development Code
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Industrial Properties

In conjunction with these committees, Leadership Laramie is a program design to educate future leaders of the community and a preliminary program before Leadership Wyoming.

Business Services

The 300+ partners/members are who we are here to serve. Growing their business and networking are the largest reason that they have chosen to join the Alliance. As such we will ensure that their needs are met through three separate initiatives:

  • Networking events and forums
  • Educational opportunities and workshops
  • Workforce development

Business Start-ups

Entrepreneurs will find visionary thinking to help them achieve the next plateau in their business venture. It is our goal to create business from within, and will foster business creation. Assisting us in this area are the working relationships with the Wyoming Technology Business Center, University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Small Business Development Center.

Community Development:

Vital to planned and sustained growth is community development. The LCBA will work aggressively to identify trends of economic growth within the county. As well as partner with the City of Laramie helping to facilitate infrastructure needs.

  • Cirrus Sky Technology Park
  • Laramie Rivers Business Parks I & II
  • Turner Tract
  • Public Forums

These programs will not operate individual of each other, rather they will integrate with one another, thus ensuring that the overall goal of creating a prosperous community is being met. These programs are designed to have flexibility in an effort to meet the ever changing needs of businesses throughout the county. Having programs that do not operate in a silo will allow staff to seamlessly cross from program to program.

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