Basecamp to donate 1% of net retail sales to Rooted In Laramie

Laramie, WY – Basecamp, Laramie’s premier outdoor retail store, has pledged to donate 1% of net annual retail sales to support Rooted In Laramie, a local non-profit organization with the goal to establish a long-term tree planting initiative.

“We celebrate our first birthday this week and we’re really inspired by many of the 1% for the Planet brands in the outdoor industry. We want to follow that example but support an environmental group on a more grassroots, local level,” said Rebecca Walsh, owner of Basecamp.

“As we were researching a non-profit organization to support, the mission of Rooted In Laramie really resonated with us. We can all agree trees make our community better. We’re thrilled to partner with them to help plant trees and continue to make Laramie a healthy and beautiful place to live,” she continued.

Rooted In Laramie was formed in 2019 and modeled after Rooted In Cheyenne. Their goal is to provide low-cost trees to property owners in and around Laramie.

Additionally, they plant the trees for free and provide 1 year of follow-up care.

“Not only are we hoping to get as many trees in the ground as possible,” said Hilery Lindmier, chair of Rooted In Laramie, “but we also want to give those trees the best chance of survival possible by planting them the right way and overseeing the follow-up care like watering, mulching and staking.”

Education is also an important aspect to Rooted In Laramie, and Lindmier adds that they are looking forward to helping property owners discover the many varieties of trees beyond Poplars that can survive Laramie’s harsh climate, and also help them learn how to help all of their trees, even those that have been around for decades, thrive.

“We love Laramie and our first year in business has been wonderful. We hope that Laramie residents will continue to support us by shopping locally, especially now that a small percentage of what they’ve spent at Basecamp will go to support local tree planting. In fact, we invite other Laramie area businesses to join us as we give 1% for local trees,” said Walsh.

You can learn more about Rooted In Laramie by visiting their Facebook Page or emailing An official website will be coming in June, or stop by the Basecamp Birthday Bash on May 4th between 1 and 7pm to celebrate.