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Invest in the future of the economy that you depend on. The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance is the only organization that works to promote every aspect of our economy. Programs to work with new and existing industry, convention and meeting promotion, small business assistance, and local and state government issues are the primary programs that ensure you there will be a positive economic environment to operate your business.
Trust that the LCBA is working to represent the interests of all businesses as the voice of business in Laramie and the region. The LCBA and a large group of dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to monitor key business and community issues that have a direct impact on your business. As a member, your input is used to direct our positions on key issues.
Marketing opportunities abound to get your message out to leading businesses in our region. We offer access to advertising in directories, city maps, and on our website with referrals to thousands of people who call and visit LCBA each year. We only recommend and refer our members.
Enhance your credibility! When consumers are looking for companies they can trust they call us.
Grow your business through the LCBA’s social marketing programs. We all like doing business with people we know. Use LCBA to get you and your company well known in the business community.
Learn through LCBA’s formal training programs and by associating with some of the top minds in the Wyoming business community.
Electrify your business presence through the LCBA website. The LCBA receives tens-of-thousands of unique visits per year on our websites. As a member your business will have an electronic presence important to your business.
Enjoy yourself! Being in business for yourself does not have to mean being in business by yourself. We are here to help you establish relationships with other successful business people. Many of our LCBA events are fun, and who can say that they have just too much darn fun in their life anymore. Become part of the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and enjoy your citizenship in the Laramie business community.

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Call the LCBA at 307-745-7339 for more information or to make an appointment with any of our staff to discuss joining the LCBA. We look forward to working with you!

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