Landfill Changing Operations and Open on Sunday (6.14.20) for Storm Clean Up

Laramie, Wyoming – With the severe damage to trees, large amounts of green waste and the filling of the special drop off areas related to the June 8, 2020 snow storm, the City of Laramie Landfill will be changing operations at the entrance and opening on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Landfill Staff will provide a pass-through lane for green waste and a closer location for drop off than typically seen in our normal operations. Brooks Webb, Public Works Manager said, “we are going to expedite the entry to allow folks quicker access to our green waste drop off area.” Webb added “folks are really getting after it and we hope this helps with cleanup efforts.” In addition to the operational changes the landfill will open on Sunday, June 14, 2020 from 8:00am to 4:30pm. JR Slingerland, Solid Waste Manager stated “We have heard a lot of folks say they are waiting until the weekend to clean up their trees. This will give them two days to deliver green waste to the landfill this weekend.” Two solid waste staff members will be on-site that day to direct traffic coming to the landfill. “Please remind everyone that Sunday will be limited to green waste only.” Slingerland added.

Many trees and shrubs were damaged due to the heavy snow and high winds on June 8, 2020 in Laramie, Wyoming. If trees on your property or on the right-of-way abutting your property have broken limbs falling onto the street, alley or public sidewalk, and if you are able (please keep your safety in mind first), clear the limbs out of the right-of-way. Otherwise, make arrangements to have the limbs removed from the street, alley, and sidewalk. If there are any utility lines including electrical, cable, or phone that are down due to tree limb breakage, stay away from the tree limbs and downed lines, and contact the appropriate utility provider (for electrical lines 1-877-508-5088). To report non-emergent issues and downed limbs that are blocking traffic please call the dispatch non-emergency at 721-2526. In an emergency please call 911.

The City, in conjunction with the University of Wyoming have set up branch and limb drop off at three locations – Aragon Softball Complex (off 22nd and Harney Streets), Optimist Park – East Parking Lot (off Spruce Street) and at LaBonte Park (off N. 5th Street). Please look for the cones directing you were to drop off material. Be sure material is stacked as tightly as possible. These sites will remain open through June 21, 2020.

Storm Clean Up Reminder

Please do not place branches and limbs in the Right of Ways.  Residents are responsible for safely clearing debris from their property that may have fallen across sidewalks and onto streets.  Residents should collect debris on their property and transport it to the landfill or designated drop off locations at Aragon, LaBonte and Optimist Parks.