Laramie’s Virtual Tip Jar

Thanks to Laramie resident, Murphy Rae, who started Laramie’s Virtual Tip Jar, we can support our service workers who are affected by Covid-19.

Here’s how it works: Anytime you enjoy coffee, an alcoholic beverage, or a hot meal at home, consider visiting this ‘virtual tip jar’ and tipping a service worker.

It’s easy – here’s how to tip:

Step One: Visit the list of service workers by clicking the button below.

Step Two: Use your Venmo or Paypal account to send money. You will find each individual person’s information on the list. The money is sent directly to that person’s Venmo or Paypal account.

Step Three: Encourage your family and friends to tip a service worker by using Laramie Virtual Tip Jar!

Thanks for supporting our service workers!

Are you a barista/bartender/server/service worker in Laramie? Please add your information to the list!

Questions? Email