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Where quality of life
meets quality of business...

Laramie is a thriving city of industry, high technology, academia, and agriculture.  Its neighborly atmosphere and beautiful scenery create a warm community full of opportunity for all those who visit or live here.  Our rocky mountain lifestyle has attracted many entrepreneurs to the area, making Laramie a growing community on the cutting edge of industrial and technological development.

Laramie, Wyoming is a city of 30,816*  located in south eastern Wyoming 49 miles from the state capital of Cheyenne, and 130 miles from Denver, Colorado.  Laramie sits 7,200 feet above sea level on the eastern edge of a large plateau called the Laramie Plains.  The city was incorporated on December 12, 1873, seventeen years before Wyoming became a state.  Laramie gained international attention in 1870 when Louisa Swain became "the world's first woman voter under laws guaranteeing absolute political equality".

Downtown Laramie, Wyoming

Consider the possibilities

  • No corporate state income tax
  • No personal state income tax
  • No state inheritance tax
  • No manufacturing tax or equipment sales tax
  • Hathaway Scholarship
  • Low property tax
  • Low worker's compensation rates
  • Low operating costs
  • No smog
  • No traffic jams
  • Low crime rate
  • Outstanding quality of life
  • Over 250 days of sunshine
  • Room to expand

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