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Housing and Rentals

Housing and Rentals


Laramie offers a wide variety of housing options for whatever type of home or neighborhood you are looking for. Housing prices tend to be higher in Laramie than the rest of Wyoming as it is a college town home to the University of Wyoming, WyoTech, and Albany County branch of Laramie County Community College.

Home values continue to remain consistent and strong. For full statistics, please see attached pdf. Laramie has a vast amount of friendly real estate agents that can help you find your next home. A list of real estate agents can be found in the business directory.



If you are looking for a rental, start looking early. In a college own, rentals go fast. To start your search, check the local newspaper, The Laramie Boomerang. The Laramie Boomerang is available online at Many real estate companies also have rentals available. For a full listing of real estate agents and rental companies, visit our business directory. Another option to find rentals is to search the listings on Craig’s List.

On average, a 2 bedroom would rent for $300-$330 per bedroom. Depending on the apartment amenities, this may or may not include utilities, laundry facilities etc.

Several options are available for rentals whether you are looking for campus style living quarters, a historic downtown apartment, near the University of Wyoming campus, or new housing developments outside of town.

With the many options available, we hope you find the perfect home!