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Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Also known as the “Gem City of the Plains”, Laramie is located in the Southeastern part of Wyoming approximately 45 miles from the state capital, Cheyenne, and 130 miles from Denver, Colorado. With a population of 30,816, Laramie is the county seat of Albany County.

Laramie sits at 7,200 feet above sea level in the plains surrounded by the Medicine Bow National Forest, Vedauwoo, and the Snowy Mountain Range. It offers a variety of outdoor adventures with over 250 days of sunshine.

The city was incorporated on December 12, 1873. This was seventeen years before Wyoming became a state. Laramie has a rich history which is known for the first woman voter when Lousia Swain voted in 1870. Originally, it was a tent railroad town and home to Fort Saunders. Today Laramie provides people the opportunity to relive the old west with the Wyoming Territorial Prison, Ivinson Mansion, and the historic downtown.

Laramie is also home to the University of Wyoming, WyoTech, and the Albany County branch of Laramie County Community College bringing in students from across the United States and world.

Laramie Jubliee Days Parade

Laramie has a 6% sales tax, but does not have corporate state income tax, personal state income tax, state inheritance tax, or manufacturing tax or equipment sales tax. It also has low property tax, worker’s compensation rates, and operating costs.

The quality of life and amenities Laramie has to offers brings several types of industries to Laramie including cattle ranches, technology companies, and academia.