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Ag Appreciation Banquet

Ag. Appreciation Banquet 


Ag Appreciation Banquet


The Ag. Appreciation Banquet is an annual dinner held in the fall to show appreciation to the people in the agricultural industry, create networking opportunities, and raise funds for agricultural organizations. Our mission is to build strong, working relationships between agricultural producers, agribusiness people and members of the local community. 


The banquet is made up of two main parts including a dinner and auction. Tables at the dinner are purchased by business owners. The business owners then invite ranchers to sit at their table to thank them for their contributions to our community. It is recommended the table buyers invite customers personally. During the dinner, there is a silent and live auction. The auction items are donated by local businesses. The auction is the prime source of funds to be distributed to agricultural organizations.


Each year, an individual, couple or family is chosen for the Outstanding Albany County Agriculture Leader. You can download the current nomination form here.