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Hometown Holiday Hurrah

Hometown Holiday Hurrah

What is Laramie’s
Hometown Holiday Hurrah?

Laramie’s Hometown Holiday Hurrah is a promotion to encourage consumers to shop local during the holiday shopping season. It is promoted by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance. Each Saturday drawing there will be chances for your customers to win jingle bucks (redeemable like gift certificates) to use at participating businesses in Laramie.

Why do we do this?

The goal of the Holiday Hurrah is to keep holiday shopping dollars in Laramie. Offering this promotion during the peak of the holiday shopping season provides an exciting way to keep shoppers here in Laramie and draw them into the local businesses on the Saturday drawing dates.

What can your business gain from participating?

By participating in the Holiday Hurrah you have a unique opportunity to draw a large crowd into your business for a one hour window each Saturday during the busy holiday shopping season. Some businesses have reported customer counts double and triple what they would normally experience on the same day. As a participant in the Holiday Hurrah, your business can take advantage of advertising specials offered.

Your business does not have to be open to see the benefit of Holiday Hurrah participation. Just being listed as a participant allows you to take advantage of advertising opportunities. Your business still has a chance of seeing prize money spent on your services and gain exposure to all that participate (local shoppers) in the promotion.

How does the Holiday Hurrah Work?

As a participating business, you will receive tickets to distribute to your customers; another way to get customers into your business. We have included some ticket distribution ideas to help you plan.

When you distribute the tickets to your customers they will retain a part of the ticket and you will retain the ticket stub. The ticket stubs will be turned in prior to each drawing. Stubs may be turned in Friday before 4:30 pm at the LCBA office on 800 S. 3rd St. or the Saturday before the drawings begin.