Research Facilities

Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility

A $50 million public investment. The facility opened in 2016. It provides 32 teaching laboratories equipped for chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and computer science.

High Bay Research Facility

A $50 million private-public investment. This facility opened in 2017, it is equipped to carry out large scale research and development to solve energy-related challenges. Meant to host studies and projects to improve understanding in porous media unconventional reservoir production and coal conversion.

Energy Innovation Center

A $25 million public-private investment and home to the School of Energy Resources was completed in 2013. It is a collaborative facility where students, researchers, academic professionals and industry partners can engage in solving challenges in the energy industry.

Engineering Education and Research Building

Built to be a learning and discovery continuum to promote innovation and creativity among students and faculty. The Approximately 100,000 square-foot building is the most ambitious construction project in the university’s history at $105 million.