Wipes Clog Pipes

Laramie, WY – The City of Laramie Public Works Department is asking all Laramie residents to flush only toilet paper. Flushing baby wipes, sanitary products, cleaning wipes, paper towels, napkins, tissues, or any other paper products may result in a sewer backup in your home and/or your neighbors’ home.

Many products say “flushable” which is great for their marketing campaigns but may be bad for your pipes and sewer mains.

With the current toilet paper shortage, it might be tempting to flush other paper items seemingly out of necessity but stop and put those other items in the trash, not the toilet.

Though they may say “flushable” on the package, paper towels, sanitary products, wipes, napkins, tissues, etc. will plug the sewer lines in your home, the City’s sewer mains, and pumps that carry sewage away from customers to the treatment plants. Even with frequent maintenance from the Utility Division, items such as these can and will cause sewer issues and backups.

Please do your part to prevent sewer backups and remember, Wipes Clog Pipes.

City of Laramie Public Works Department

P.O. Box C

Laramie, WY82073

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