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Why Laramie

Why Laramie?

Welcome to Laramie, best known as America's "Gem City of the Plains." Whether you are visiting, relocating, or growing your business, we invite you to get acquainted with Albany County.

Fishing? Hiking? Rodeo? Maybe even a music festival? It’s completely up to you; the town of Laramie has it all.  Whatever you decide, you will find a lot of friendly locals sharing the expected and unexpected gems of the town. 

We hope you explore and take advantage of all it has to offer, along with the surrounding areas.  Many of Wyoming’s greatest outdoor activities are only a few miles away from Laramie’s city limits.  Vedauwoo campground and recreation area, about 15 miles outside of Laramie, offers amazing rock climbing, mountain biking and camping adventures. 

Laramie is home to Wyoming’s only four-year institution. Founded in 1872, the University of Wyoming sits at an elevation of nearly 7,200 feet above sea level, making Laramie one of the highest-elevation incorporated cities in the United States.

UW has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 10,194 students and 2,460 graduate students annually. Student enrollment contributes as an economic driver to the town. UW offers more than 90 graduate degrees and is known for many areas of academic excellence.

Full of history, Laramie has a lot of eclectic heritage to experience. In 1870, Laramie made history, by allowing woman to vote in a general election, the first time in the United States. Two years later, in 1872, the Wyoming Territorial Prison was built near Laramie. The prison is famous for housing many famous western outlaws, one of which was Mr. Butch Cassidy.

Clouds over Laramie

Beyond just a four-year university and amazing outdoor recreation town, Laramie is one of Wyoming’s best charming small towns. 

The Laramie Community Business Alliance is here to connect you to the Laramie story and welcomes to you create your own chapter in the Gem City of the Plains.