June updates from LCBA

As we roll into June, we see the Laramie community continue to pull together to keep our economy engaged through these unprecedented times.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance has been working tirelessly on behalf of the business community, providing unwavering advocacy and support through this pandemic.

May has showered our business community with encouragement, starting with the new public health orders that have allowed businesses to slowly re-open. LCBA was at the forefront of working directly with the County Health Officer, Dr. Jean Allias to establish guidelines so restaurants and bars could safely reopen. We have worked diligently to assist small business owners with their variance and exception applications, as well as helping businesses understand how to open safely under the new orders.

Additionally, the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and the City of Laramie came together to launch the LCBA & City of Laramie Covid-19 Assistance Grant/Loan – a micro community grant program with over $400K in available funds for Albany County Businesses. Businesses that wish to apply can visit our Covid-19 resources page: Laramie.org/covid-19-resources for the link to the application and instructions.

More relief funds are forthcoming in June for Wyoming businesses as the Wyoming Business Council is creating relief grant programs with $325 million from the $1.25 billion that was allocated from the CARES Act. Information on these programs can be found at wyobizrelief.org.

We want to thank you for continuing to rally for the Laramie business community. It takes great courage for businesses to pivot their operations and change their strategy.  We encourage you to keep supporting your local economy while following the CDC guidelines for social distancing. We ask everyone to be respectful of where others are at. Remember that everyone is doing their best in these trying times.

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance will continue to focus on our mission of providing unparalleled support for our business community and engaging the local economy.

If there are additional ways that we can help your business during this time, please reach out and contact us by calling 307-745-7339 or emailing receptionist@laramie.org.