Medicine Bow Technologies Announces a New Cybersecurity Division

Naming A New Director and Another Recent Promotion

LARAMIE, WYOMING – July 6, 2020 – Medicine Bow Technologies, Inc (MBT), a leader in information technology (IT) and managed services, has announced this week the promotion of Elmer Robinson to lead their newly developed Cybersecurity Division. Robinson stated “after almost seventeen years of leading teams that have provided IT support to hundreds of businesses in the greater Cheyenne community, I have started a new role as the Cybersecurity Director for Medicine Bow Technologies. I am looking forward to helping Wyoming businesses up their IT security game.”

Robinson joined MBT in 2017 as a seasoned IT security expert and led the local Cheyenne team as their technical Account Manager. With this promotion, Robinson could have left a large void in that critical business role. However, the MBT leadership team felt comfortable to promote once again from within the organization and named Gary Hughes as Robinson’s successor.

MBT CEO, Toby Lynn Schaefstated “With the recent creation of our Cybersecurity Division, Elmer was the obvious choice to lead us into the future. He brings technical expertise and extensive IT security experience that is unmatched.” Regarding the promotion of Hughes to the Cheyenne Account Manager position, Schaef said “Gary is the right individual for the job. Our management team foresaw this opportunity for Gary growing into this role as we were interviewing him in 2019.”

Robinson and Hughes bring well over half a century of combined IT experience and expertise to MBT. Both promotions took effect on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

About Medicine Bow Technologies
Medicine Bow Technologies (MBT) is a Laramie, Wyoming-based technology company that focuses on IT managed services. MBT currently has offices located in Casper and Cheyenne, along with the headquarters location in Laramie. MBT brings core competencies from a variety of industries that help tailor solutions to best serve clients’ unique IT support needs. MBT has partnered with the best companies in the industry, including Cisco, VMware, and Dell to offer clients best-in-class solutions through a wide array of technologies. MBT was founded in 2006 by Laramie’sIvinson Memorial Hospital (IMH) Board of Directors to provide sustainable IT support and tailored services to IMH and regional health care providers. MBT’s success in healthcare has allowed the company to expand and serve commercial businesses, government entities, and schools. Visit to learn more.

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