Restaurants and Bars Cleared to Re-open In Albany County

Laramie, WY May 8, 2020 – Dr. Jean Allais, Albany County Health Officer, announced today the next phase of reopening as it relates to restaurants and bars in Albany County which may reopen immediately as long as they follow guidelines set forth in a health order variance.

As part of today’s announcement, Dr. Allais reminded citizens that COVID-19 is still incredibly dangerous and stressed the importance of continuing to exercise safe health habits as different sectors of the economy begin to reopen. “Reopening Wyoming is a risk, but it’s also a risk if we don’t move forward. We’re on a dangerous road that has never been traveled before in Wyoming and the danger is that we relax and stop taking precautions,” said Dr. Allais. “All of us collectively control this. I ask you to take calculated risks and make good judgments. Continue social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing face coverings. These practices are especially important out of respect for others”.

To ensure that these establishments operate in the safest manner possible, local restaurants and bars created a detailed list of guidelines and best practices for restaurant and bar owners to follow. The variance was approved by Dr. Allais and reviewed by the State Health Officer and Wyoming Attorney General’s Office. The full text of order, including mandatory and recommended best practices, can be found on the websites of Albany County, The City of Laramie, The Town of Rock River and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance.

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