WTBC is now IMPACT 307!

Today marks an exciting day for the Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC), as we announce the rebranding of the state’s only University of Wyoming sponsored business incubator program. We’re excited to re-introduce ourselves today as IMPACT 307, Where Founders and Innovation Thrive.

Fifteen years ago, a group of forward-looking leaders at the University of Wyoming and in the state committed to creating a resource to facilitate companies starting up and growing here in Wyoming. Since the founding of WTBC, we have helped 173 companies get started and prepared for a successful launch across our three incubators in Laramie, Casper, and Sheridan.

While we feel that the success of our clients speaks to the value of our services, it needs to work for more of Wyoming too. Like every successful startup company that we have worked with, we have to ask ourselves how to grow and improve, then make necessary adjustments, based on validated evidence, to something better. To continue connecting genuinely with our communities, building upon our legacy while also looking forward, it’s important to leave behind the WTBC brand.

Thus, this spring, in collaboration and support of the University of Wyoming and our partners in the Wyoming Business Council, the directors and staff began the exciting process of rebranding.

“Our team at the WTBC initiated a re-brand and re-launch of our business incubator program to more clearly convey the value that we can bring to start-up and early stage ventures across the state. IMPACT 307 will play a huge role in development of Wyoming’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to encourage private business initiation, growth, and thus lead a core element of our state’s future economic diversification initiatives,” said Sheridan Director, Scot Rendall.

IMPACT 307 is still a network of innovation-driven business incubators that advise and support high-growth startups in the early stages of business development. With innovation-driven support, IMPACT 307 works to diversify Wyoming’s business landscape, fostering creative, solution-based ideas that add value to our state and local economy. We do this by providing free deep business mentoring, entrepreneurial and start-up resources, and connections to help you make a positive impact on your business and Wyoming. As always, all IMPACT 307 services and counsel is free.

While our services and support remain, we’re introducing a complete re-brand package, including state-wide and location specific logos, an updated tagline and messaging, a formal social media program, and a state-wide re-launch campaign.

In addition, IMPACT 307 will be launching a new website consistent with the IMPACT 307 brand. The website, impact307.org, will include new features, streamlined information on the Start-Up Challenges, and our other programs, incubation opportunities, plus the invaluable business mentorship, resources, and connections that entrepreneurs and business start-ups have come to expect from the WTBC. All three locations will also be featured on the website, including current incubator clients and the many success stories indicative of IMPACT 307’s start-up support and business services. The new website is scheduled to launch in mid-July.

In the meantime, expect to see pieces of our re-brand come to life across all four of our social media platforms. In addition to Facebook, you can now follow IMPACT 307 on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’re thrilled to build upon our legacy and continue to support entrepreneurs and business start-ups, from here on as IMPACT 307. For questions or to request an interview, please reach out to impact@uwyo.edu or 307-766-6395. Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission and entrepreneurialism in Wyoming!